Empowerment Coaching

It’s time to LET GO of the SUPERMOM
you think you’re supposed to be and
start to BE the WOMAN YOU ARE!!!

empowerment coaching

Being a mom comes with a lifetime to do list! Does this sound like you?

Let’s be really honest with eachother for a moment and be real about how life feels sometimes. It’s hard. Somedays I just want to cry. If I’m being really honest, somedays I do cry! I hope you know that it’s ok! Most moms feel this way. It’s normal, it’s ok, it doesn’t make you a bad mom. All of these feelings are legit and we all have those days!

Let me ask you a few questions. Do you feel like you:

:: never get a break because there is always something to do for your husband, kids, home, and business?

:: get stuck in the same routine everyday and when it’s time for bed, you feel unsatisfied and empty?

:: feel “busy” but aren’t really reaching your goals?

:: are exhausted all the time because you max out your schedule to get everything done?


I know exactly how you feel!! I lived that supermom lifestyle! Let me tell you…the other side is so much better!!!

empowerment coaching

Now I help moms create a new kind of normal! Coaching with me can open your eyes to a new way of living and it’s pretty awesome!

I get to enjoy my kids everyday while working from home with amazing moms like you!

I used to live a life of stress, overwhelm, and wondering if I’d ever reach my bigger goals. When I decided to create my new normal, amazing things happened in my life! Now I feel empowered to live my life on purpose!


What is empowerment coaching?

One on One Coaching is one of the best ways to dive deep into your life, uncover where you are hiding, hurting, and holding back, and then learn how to create a new vision for yourself.

As moms, sometimes we lose ourselves in our role as SUPERMOM! We forget about things we love and our own dreams and desires. Right?

I’ve learned some things…and the most important thing I’ve learned is:


Now I would love to invite you to discover your truest self. Are you ready to unlock your potential, discover your core values, and live on purpose? The world is waiting for YOU!! Decide today that it’s time to create your new normal.

empowerment coachingCoaching is for you if you want to…

:: find out who you really are
:: know what makes you truly happy
:: discover your core values and needs
:: start livng your dream life faster

To get the best results, a minimum of 3 months is required for one-on-one coaching. So are you ready to take this journey with me? Schedule a FREE call with me to find out if this is for you!

Coaching with Lisa:

3 months – $1500
Payment Plans Available