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Hey beautiful, I see you. You work hard 24 hours a day to care for your family. The people you love. And you daydream about having a business, reaching for that big goal, and having time to do things you love. Or maybe you just daydream about a shower and a nap!

Maybe you have a business or a blog or a direct sales business. You might have a career you love Or one you hate. Or maybe you have a passion for a huge cause and want to do something about it. Get involved. Make a difference.

Then fear kicks in. “Reality” of being a mom kicks in. You think you can’t make changes in your life that will make you feel happier and more successful.

Maybe you think…

“I have to clean and cook and chauffeur my kids around town. I can’t spend time on myself. I can’t go to that event. I can’t start a foundation. I can’t write a book. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”

I get how tough it is being a mom. You love these little people and want to give them the best! And you should.

But what if “the best” is YOU BEING YOUR BEST SELF?

Are you?

Are you 100% fulfilled, happy, and free to be you?



I’m here to change that message and help you create your new normal!


I know what it means to be a mom…

You don’t want to MISS OUT on the important things.

You want to give your kids MORE THAN YOU HAD.


You want to have MORE TIME to spend with your family.

Don’t you think it’s time to feel more joy and confidence? Don’t you feel like you’re ready to get the support and encouragement to create life you absolutely love?

Yes, babe. It’s time!

Becoming your most true self is the key to your success and purpose! I have a passion to help moms define who they truly are so they can discover what they truly want! YOU were created for a purpose. YOU have a unique gift to share with the world. YOU are amazing!

The reason I love working with moms especially is because moms are raising the future. And I want to see a big change in our future. I want my kids to live in a different world. And if moms can start to shift this in themselves, get empowered, live on purpose…then I believe our children will be empowered too. And they will SHIFT THE WORLD JUST BY BEING THEMSELVES! How awesome is that thought?

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to get MOM Confident?


I thought so! 🙂 Introducing…


This is a 10 week program where we will GET EMPOWERED & GET CONFIDENT! MOM Confident was created to reach the amazing women who LOVE BEING MOMMY and still want to GO AFTER THEIR DREAMS! I believe in you and your dreams. You are already awesome…I just hang out in your corner and encourage you to bring your awesomeness out to the world!

That’s important to me. My purpose is to help moms discover their purpose…and then live their purpose!

You are more than a busy and frazzled mom! You have dreams, goals, and passions. And it’s okay to go after them!

Let’s get MOM Confident and start living a life we love!!! Here’s the program design:



Getting to Know Yourself

I think we lose ourselves sometimes. Being a mom is one of our greatest gifts and purposes. That doesn’t mean you are only a mom. Let’s get to know who you are as a woman. We will dig a little deep in this session. Clear some crap, and remember who YOU are.

Keeping it Simple

In a world that encourages more, bigger, faster, and better…I encourage getting back to basics, setting a strong foundation, and not getting caught up in the chaos. Life is no fun if you can’t relax and enjoy! Keeping life simple is one of the best ways to be more stress-free and gain confidence to create a life you love.

Your Vision

Once you know who you are & make space to think, we will look at your vision. This the big picture. How do you see your future? What do you want your life to look like? This is where we leave the past in the past and just let our imagination and dreams flow!

Working Through Your Fears

Fear is real. It’s a legit feeling we all have. In this session I will teach you how to become friends with fear. Once you are able to understand fear, you are able to not let it stop you.

Finding Confidence & Validation

This is where you will step into your power and feel confident to declare your amazing gifts! This is your YES! With confidence you can offer so much more of yourself and make a bigger impact.

Sharing the New You

You are now MOM Confident. Time to share yourself with the world! This session is all about you embracing who you and letting your family and the world get to know you. We will go over easy and “safe” ways to share the new you.

Finding Time For Everything

I won’t leave you hanging once you get your confidence! Now let’s design our life so that we have time to shine in motherhood and in the our purpose! Time management is huge…especially for busy mamas. The number one thing I hear moms want is more time. So let’s create it.

Getting Financially Confident

Money is a misunderstood concept. Some people are driven by money. Week eight is all about learning to feel safe, comfortable and confident with your money. Money is energy and it must flow. I want you to create a new, loving relationship with your money.

Creating a Support Team

Moms often feel lonely. Even when they are surrounded by family, co-workers, and other moms at play dates, a feeling of being alone consumes many of us. I want you to use your new found confidence to create the support team you need.

Going For It

You are born equipped with exactly what you need to live your life full of purpose and joy! Somewhere in life, we lose confidence to use what we have. Now that you are MOM Confident, let’s talk about the motivation you need to keep going after your dreams.




This is going to be 10 weeks of AHHHH-MAZING! Will you step up to your fullest potential?





:: 10 Group Calls
:: 2 Private Coaching Calls with Lisa
:: Worksheets and heart-opening exercises each week
:: Your own copy of The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte







My first priority in this group is sharing all I have with you. My second priority is empowering you to do the work so you can become the best version of yourself and be MOM Confident!! All you have to do is say YES and I’ll be right by your side on this journey!!! I truly believe in you!


Join MOM Confident







MOM Confident is a unique program that incorporates my personal coaching style with the amazing Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions program. As a facilitator for FSS, I will take you through an amazing process to create success on your terms. In addition,  I’ve had 13+ years of training and experience that I bring to you, I don’t hold back. I will be your biggest cheerleader (and I really was a cheerleader!). This program offers group coaching AND one on one coaching which I believe is a HUGE added value. Having the private sessions with me and group support will give you the focused guidance and encouragement you need! We’re all moms, so we all get it and can support each other 100 %.