3 Tips to Help You Work from Home with Kids

I was always a good student in school. I even graduated with honors and was accepted to Cal State Fullerton, the only college I applied for. But I didn’t take my SATs! Although the entrepreneurial world was not on my radar, I must have had a feeling inside that I didn’t want to fall into the normal go to college and get a good corporate job life.

In fact, I knew I wanted to own a wedding planning business! Three days after my high school graduation I started working as an event planner. Not weddings, but super close!

It was so cool working from a home office, traveling, and getting the experience I was getting so young. I had my first daughter 3 years later and took her to work with me! And I’ve worked from home with all three of my kids since they were born. That’s years of learning how to stay disciplined and focused while I take care of my family and my business!

There are many lessons I’ve learned, but these are the three most important things I want to share with you so you can be a successful mompreneur too!

  1. Everyday I remind myself they are the reason I want to work from home! They can drive me bonkers and are often a distraction when I’m working, but my other options is to get a “real job”. I have worked from home with them since they were born (10 years!!). And it’s because I don’t want to miss out on the special moments. I want to be present. Motherhood is my favorite thing ever! <3


  1. Each morning (sometimes the night before) I create my top 3 priorities. 1 thing for biz, 1 thing for/with my kids, and 1 thing for myself. Everything else is extra! This helps me stay focused and be intentional with my time. As a mom, I have to be flexible too, but a plan of action is key to make sure I take care of the most important things.


  1. When I get excited about a new project or idea, I tend to get overwhelmed by everything. So I take breaks! I stop, refocus, and make an action plan with small steps to help me reach my goal the fastest. Money making ideas are priority, so I make sure I’m constantly checking back in with myself to make sure I’m on track. I like to share A LOT of value, but I make sure that it all stays aligned!


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Do you have kids at home? What are your favorite ways to make it work??

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