5 Steps to Create a Biz/Life Schedule that Works

Being a mom requires us to wear many hats! There is always something for us to be doing, fixing, working on, cooking, cleaning, etc…

When you also work your hats multiply!

Creating a schedule that actually works for you is possible, but you will need to make it a priority and take the time to set yourself up!

I want to quickly share with you the 5 steps you need to take in order to create a biz/life schedule that works for you and allows you to have some peace of mind!

  1. Evaluate your Time – All of it! Sit down and write out what you spend your time doing everyday both in your biz life and mom life. Know where your time is going and then pay attention to where things need to change. Cut back on social media? Spend more quality time with your husband and kids? Take care of yourself? If you’re honest with yourself you will see how you can (and should) adjust your time.
  2. Mind Splash – This is my way of asking you to do a brain dump. You are you going to grab some paper and label them with the most important areas of your life. Usually they include, Self, Family, Business…Write out all of your goals, to dos, ideas, desires. Anything and everything that floats around your brain I want you to put it on paper. From here you can organize your thoughts, create 90 day goals, and break them down into easy action steps each day.
  3. Systems – Know what works for you. Some people like paper and pen while others are super techy! Have a good calendar system and a good project management system. These 2 systems should always be in sync and help you stay on track with what’s going on. *Tip: Don’t fill up every bit of your calendar. Blank space is good for you! Rest!!
  4. Daily Wrap Up – You might be someone that can’t go to sleep easily or you wake up in the middle of the night because a to do list needs to be made or you think you may have forgotten something or you want to remember all you have to do tomorrow. A great way to stop this madness is to end your day with a wrap up! Anything that didn’t get done today can get prioritized for tomorrow or later in the week. Decide what your top priorities are for the next day and write them down. Your mind splash will also help eliminate the midnight list making syndrome. Also be sure to start a gratitude and celebration journal. Write what you are grateful for and what went well for the day.
  5. Stay Focused – Change is inevitable. Staying focused on your goals means that you revisit them often (daily!), you refocus when you get distracted, and revise as you grow. Find a good support team, group, mentor, and/or coach to help you think outside of the box, see what you may not see, and help brainstorm fabulous ideas to make biz and life so much better!

I hope you will take each step serious and finally create a schedule that works for YOU! Grab your free copy of the Time Evaluation and get started today!

I’d love to hear how these tips help you set yourself up for success! 

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