5 Steps to Goal Setting


Do you set goals?

This is a common thing most people do January 1st…and they usually last until January 1st at 5 pm!!

Successful people reach most of their goals. How? They set goals, stay motivated, review regularly, and stay accountable.

Can you do this too? YES!!!!

I have a simple 5 step process to set goals the right way, so you can actually reach them! You can be successful!

Grab a piece of paper, or download my free goals workbook and let’s set some goals 🙂


5 Steps to Create Achievable Goals

Step 1 – Wheel of Life Assessment: In order to know where you need to focus your goals, take a few minutes to rate how satisfied you are with your life on a scale of 1 – 10 in these areas: Wealth/Finances, Career/Business, Health/Wellness, Family Life, Spiritual Growth, Personal Happiness, Love/Romance, Social/Community

Step 2 – Time Assessment: Next, you need to see where you spend your time now, so you know where to make some changes. In a typical day, how much time are you spending in these areas: Sleep, Work, Cleaning/Cooking, Grooming/Self Care, Personal Quiet Time, Personal Electronic Time, Classes, Commitments, Family Time, Spouse Time, Other

Step 3 – Values and Needs Assessment: Now we are going to find out what makes you truly happy! This is important!! You can’t set a goal because it’s what you think you are supposed to be working toward. So write down at least 5 moments in your life that stand out, were so amazing, made you super happy! Then write down how these moments made you feel (happy, loved…). These are your needs. Now write at least 5 of your pet peeves. Why do these things bother you? This is how you know what you truly value. Your needs and values are important to know when you set any goal.

Step 4 – Set Goals!: Ready? Look back at your wheel of life and time assessments and choose some goals you want to achieve. You can set a one month goal, six months, or a year! Including the time frame to reach the goal will help you stay motivated. Now, break it down into smaller goals you can focus on daily, weekly, or monthly.

Step 5 – Create YOUR plan for success: Now that you have your goals, how are you going to reach them? Here are my secrets to getting there…

  1. Stay focused and motivated! Write down your goals and post them where you can see them daily. Schedule time in your day to take action, make changes, and don’t give up! You can do this!
  2. Celebrate often! Since you broke down your goals into more actionable plans, be sure to celebrate all the milestones! What may seem small now, is getting you closer to the goal…so it’s not small at all! Celebrate!
  3. Be accountable! Share your goals with a select group of people who want to see you succeed! You can get an accountability partner or join a group that you meet with regularly to stay on track. Hiring a coach is also a great idea! A coach will bring different views and offer successful and strategic ways to help you reach your goals.

Setting goals is essential to growth and feeling accomplished. We should always have a goal, always be reaching to better ourselves. I encourage you to set goals often, at least twice a year. Decide that you want more, a happier life, and to fulfill your purpose! When you believe you can, you will!!!

Happy goal setting 🙂

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