5 Ways Moms Can Ditch Distractions

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Moms – Let’s Ditch Distractions!

Are you a distracted mom? As moms we have tons of distractions! Add in our business, husband, home, social activities…things can get a little cray cray!

And no matter how prepared and organized you are, there’s still space for chaos, overwhelm, and meltdowns to sneak in! Motherhood is the most beautiful, amazing, and inspiring piece of my life. But it also is the most scary, painful, and stressful piece of my life too!

It’s unbelievable how many things change after you have a baby. You fall in love with this new precious blessing and start being a mom. Most of the time you have about 9 months to prepare. But even with the perfect nursery, all the best baby gadgets and gizmos, a childproof home, and 30 freezer meals prepped, there’s still a million and one things to think about, do, and remember.Our children become our #1 priority and everything is now all about them. So what happens to you? Usually you become a distracted mom.

This journey of motherhood can easily take over our life without us even realizing what’s going on.

Eventually most moms feel a piece of ourselves that’s missing. A piece of our Self that got lost. We feel lost and stuck in a routine. I’m not saying being a mommy isn’t worth all the craziness…but I am asking you to think about where the woman inside of you goes when you become a mother.

What distracts moms?

Our goals and dreams get put on hold because our kids have soccer practice, school projects, and play dates. It doesn’t matter if we want to do something else, we love our children and want to give them an amazing childhood.

Our husbands want dinner after work, a clean home, and a hot wife. They want to have time together, support, and intimacy. It doesn’t matter how tired we are, our marriage is important so we push ourselves,honor our vows, and be the best wife.

School needs parent help, church needs volunteers, your friends want a girls night out, your sister wants you to babysit, your neighbor invites you to dinner…There is a constant need for you and your loving, giving, “of course I can” attitude says YES TO IT ALL. And you do it with a smile.

Your dream of taking a dance class can wait, your desire to start a business can wait, your goal of reading the bible in a year can wait. You can wait. At least that’s what you tell yourself. You are now a distracted mom. And your distractions are keeping you from living your purpose!

Deep down inside, you know you want more.

When you put your own needs and values and desires on the back burner because everyone around you needs your time and attention, you are only hurting yourself AND those you love.

Before I understood how to take care of myself, I used to always put myself last because I wanted to be the best wife, mom, friend, employee, and citizen! I got caught up doing it all for everyone else, that I didn’t realize that I was not completely happy inside. Even though I was happy, something was still missing. I was a distracted mom.

What happens when moms are distracted?

Distractions. If we’re not careful, they can totally take over our plans, purpose, and life!

Here’s what I know. You love helping everyone. It feels good to be needed and wanted. Sometimes you feel guilty for thinking of yourself or wanting to do something that really only seems to benefit you and your happiness.

Well what’s wrong with that?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the best wife, mother, friend, sister, neighbor.

There’s also nothing wrong with being the best YOU!

So now I know you’re asking “Well how the heck do I do it all, Lisa?!?!”

Here’s the secret…

You have to decide that you are important too! Decide not to be a distracted mom and be your best self!

Family, friends, to do lists, work, volunteering, projects, parties…these can all be major distractions. Until you learn to not let them distract you from being the best version of yourself. And that means you are truly happy.

Your happiness, needs, and desires are just as important as theirs. You are just as important as them. And if you don’t start believing that and making yourself a priority, who is? Your family and friends love you. But until you know your values, remember what’s important to you, discover your desires, and set clear boundaries, you will continue to do everything for everyone. You will keep losing who you really are and forget what really makes you happy.

Guilt will come. It’s ok. There are ways to handle your mom guilt. It is a completely normal feeling, and unfortunately will always show up. Just like fear, and insecurities, mom guilt comes along and tries to hang out. I’m not going to get into details about mom guilt today, but just know that you can push mom guilt to the side and start loving yourself too!

Part of taking care of your family is taking care of yourself!

You can actually be an even better mom, wife, friend when you take better care of yourself and honor your values.

5 ways to stop being a distracted mom

So how can you ditch the distractions and create your dream life? Here are 5 steps to help you get started!

  1. Become aware of your distractions. Write down all the people and things that constantly need you.
  2. Define your core values. You can download The Ultimate Guide to a Fab MomLife and complete the values worksheet.
  3. Get real. Compare what you value and the things you are doing for everyone else. I know there are some things that can change.
  4. Learn to say no. Super hard, I know! But I promise saying no to more things will empower you to truly live your purpose. It doesn’t make you a bad person.
  5. Ask for support. Let your family and friends know you are going to take a class, start a blog, or learn a new skill. Tell them how important it is to you. They love you…they will be excited too!

Don’t let your momlife distract you from living your purpose! You are amazing and the world needs you! Be true to yourself and give your family the best wife, mom, and woman! When you feel fulfilled you will be completely happy and free. Love yourself so you can spread more love to others!


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