A Little Thought on Time Management for Moms

Ever feel like you KNOW you are the only one who actually has 23 hours in a day? Like YOU are getting jipped on the whole “everyone has the same 24 hours” thing?

I used to feel like that ALL THE TIME! Truthfully, I still have days like that.

Some days feel like I have it all under control and other days are a disaster. I feel like I have so much I MUST DO, but not enough time to do it all.

Then I realize that I have been able to get through all those less than fun days!! I did it before and I will do it again!

When I am focused on my values and needs, I can prioritize my mom life and handle it “LIKE A BOSS!!” (<– My 6 year old nephew says this and it’s adorable!!)

But really, I have been able to make some amazing changes that allow me to ENJOY MY LIFE!!!

And when I have rough days – or rough weeks – I am able to be aware of all that’s going on and get myself back on track!!

My handy little FREE tool – Time Evalutaion – helps me take back the control of my time! You can use it too and make some easy changes to free up some time to enjoy your life!

Remember, mama, that you are not alone. You can “create” more time and energy to get it all done AND enjoy your life too!!!

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