A Vulnerable Post…

This post has been stirring up in me for a while…I’ve slowly added it to some new products and workbooks. I’m “mentioning” it on Instagram and Facebook. But now I’m ready to shout it out loud because I know it’s time. I feel it deep down inside that this has to get out in order for me to fully step into my purpose. So here it goes…


dont be ashamed


A few years ago I was like SuperMom!! I was 26 years old, busy mom of 2 girls, working full time and then some…One day I started getting pains in my joints. It would come and go. One day it would be my shoulder, then the next day my knee.

This went on for almost a year. I went to doctors (yes, plural!) and was diagnosed with frozen shoulder syndrome, tendonitis, and then fibromyalgia. When I dropped 50 lbs in less than 2 months, I knew it was something more.

By this time I was in constant pain every day. I could barely walk. My body just hurt everywhere. I was so tired because I wasn’t sleeping. And chronic pain takes everything out of you, literally! I was completely fatigued all day every day!!

And I was still being SuperMom! I was still taking my girls to school and dance, still working full time, attending events across the country. At events I would be on my feet a lot working 14-16 hours a day for 4 days straight.

Finally, my mom told me to STOP! She told me to call my boss and ask for someone else to go to my upcoming events, call the ballet teacher and take my girls out of dance, and just stop doing unnecessary things. After I resisted and tried to convince her I could still do it all, I finally gave in.

This was the first time I was saying “NO” to things.

One of the hardest things for me to do…biggest lesson for me to learn…and a life-changing blessing!

My mom came to my house every day and took my kids to school and picked them up, she would cook for me, clean for me, shop for me. I am beyond grateful for her. She really kicked my butt into the start of my healing journey!

I learned all the things I took for granted like washing your face and hair, getting dressed, shaving underarms! My oldest daughter who was 6 at the time would help me shave and both of my girls and husband would have to help me get dressed and undressed! Funny story – when I finally got a little better and took my own pants off for the first time in a while, I shouted from the bedroom “I did it! I took my pants off!” It sounds like a proud toddler…but it really was a happy moment for me and my family!

Although this was hard and painful to deal with, I always stayed positive and knew I was going to get through it!


i am in charge


I realized that I had to make changes. And more importantly, I realized WHY I needed to make changes! I learned that my mess was my message. I knew that my pain would become my purpose! God put it on my heart early on that I was an ordinary girl He was calling to do extraordinary things! I decided that I would help other women, especially moms, re-discover their own life. I knew I would help women find true happiness and learn to enjoy life! Even though I still have RA today, I am so much better – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Things have changed, but I’ve never let RA stop me from living my life!

So now I’m making 2016 the year I SPEAK UP! I love helping women learn to create more time, energy and happiness in their life too! We are all different, we all have our own journey, we all have our own desires.

What are your desires?



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