Being Grateful


It’s up and down and fun and scary and nice and horrible and busy and exciting!

I’m reflecting this week on life and I’m finding all the beauty. In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share what I’m feeling super thankful for.

This is a list of things that came to me in the short time of writing this post. I write in my gratitude journal everyday. Sometimes I go into details, sometimes I just count…life is a blessing and I’m very thankful!

  1. Alison Marie, my first born
  2. Kylee Jade, my second baby
  3. Averi Brooke, baby girl #3
  4. The idea of another baby…maybe…someday
  5. Gilbert, my hubby
  6. My parents
  7. My siblings
  8. Friendship
  9. Coffee
  10. Sunshine
  11. Fresh air
  12. Birds that sing in the morning
  13. Rainbows
  14. WiFi
  15. Amazing clients
  16. Amazing coaches
  17. Inspiring online mom friends
  18. My business
  19. Opportunities to give
  20. Church
  21. My Bible
  22. Jesus
  23. Love
  24. In N Out
  25. Del Taco
  26. String cheese
  27. Health
  28. Comfortable income
  29. Hawaii
  30. Vacations
  31. Music
  32. Laughter
  33. Peanut M&Ms
  34. Pillows
  35. Cozy blankets
  36. Slippers
  37. Swings
  38. A car and gas money
  39. Cameras
  40. Dishwaher
  41. Hot showers
  42. Candles that smell good
  43. Essential oils
  44. A messy house with happy kids
  45. Thanksgiving dinner
  46. Holiday season
  47. Christmas everything
  48. Pink and sparkles
  49. Good teachers
  50. Teaching moments
  51. Sunsets

During this season, take time to write down what you are grateful for. Enjoy the small moments. Tell people you love them. Smile at a stranger. Give grace to those who seem angry and unhappy. Pray for the hurt and lonely. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Spend time with your husband, kids, family, friends. Call someone to talk about anything and everything. Write a letter to a friend. Give more. Love more. Live more!

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