Toddler Fun with I SEE ME!

School is out and my kids are ready to have some fun! We make a Summer Bucket List every year. It helps me have an idea of how to keep them entertained. As a business owner, I still have work to do through the summer so I love knowing what they want to do so […]

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GUEST POST: Wisdom is Paradoxical

This is a guest post by Danielle LaPorte! <3 WISDOM IS PARADOXICAL: True wisdom usually holds and transcends opposing points of view. Wisdom knows that there is always an exception to the rule, that there is a time and place, and that a case-by-case approach is divine protocol. If you can comfortably hold your paradoxes, […]

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Balancing a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is the main goal for all engaged couples and newly weds. But what happens when the excitment goes away and real-life marriage struggles occur? I’ve been reading Jen Weaver’s new book A Wife’s Secret to Happiness.  I have to tell you ladies, it was eye-opening, refreshing and an absolutely needed reminder of what […]

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GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Why Self~Love is a Must for Busy Moms


Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mama! You deserve some Love today. Give yourself some time to celebrate YOU. Do you know how to celebrate you? What are you already doing to love yourself? If you’re not already loving yourself, today will be a great motivator for you. <3 If you’re already loving you, Congrats, Mama […]

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Take Care of Your Family by Taking Care of YOU

self love

Are you SELFLESS or SELFISH? Being selfless sounds like a positive trait while being selfish sounds like a negative trait, right? Let’s look at the definitions… selfless: concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own; unselfish. selfish: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. […]

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Finding Purpose After the Pain


Do you believe it’s possible to find your purpose after a painful situation and major life change? Is there purpose after the pain? We all have bad days, right? Alarms don’t go off and we wake up late. Other drivers cut us off and then flip us off. Dinners gets burned. Dogs get lost. Work loads […]

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A Purposeful Life for Moms – My 5 Step Process

A Purposeful Life for Moms Hey mom, do you have a purposeful life? I hope you answered YES because you most definitely do! The next question is…are you living your purposeful life? There are many books, courses, blogs, coaches, teachers, mentors, group programs, and other leaders in the world that teach people how to find […]

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Live on Purpose – Especially When You’re a Mom

live on purpose

Live on purpose! Living on purpose is the best way to live your life if you don’t want any regrets. You have a special and unique gift to share with the world. It may seem small, or maybe it’s huge – either way, only YOU can share this amazing gift. And when you live on purpose, […]

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Purpose of Life – New Year, New Mom

purpose of life

Purpose of Life – Happy 2017! Discovering the purpose of life is a big question we ask ourselves this time of year. We all celebrate as well as contemplate on goals for the new year. As moms, we reflect on how the past year flew by and how our beautiful children are growing up way […]

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