Finding Purpose After the Pain


Do you believe it’s possible to find your purpose after a painful situation and major life change? Is there purpose after the pain?

We all have bad days, right? Alarms don’t go off and we wake up late. Other drivers cut us off and then flip us off. Dinners gets burned. Dogs get lost. Work loads are too heavy. People are rude.

It happens. This thing called life.

Sometimes there are bigger things that cause our pain. Car accidents. Bad health reports. Financial burdens.

Pain is a part of life. Unfortunately we all deal with some kind of pain. Some big. Some small.

The big question is…

How do you handle pain?

Do you get angry? Depressed? Seek revenge? Cry?

pain and purpose


When you’re in the middle of a tragedy or tough situation, it’s is extremely hard to react with a positive attitude. You feel mad, hurt, devastated, and depressed. I personally know the feeling of pain. Physical pain that consumes your thoughts, energy, and body. About five years ago I started having pains all over my body, in every joint. Major pain. I could barely walk. Rheumatoid arthritis was my pain (among other pain in life). You can read more about my story here.

Through the pain, anger, depression, and question of “why me?”, I decided that I would OVERCOME this pain. It has been a long journey. One that I am so thankful for. Many lessons were learned and a new lifestyle was created that allows me to be happier and more grateful for all I have!

Get inspired!

This TED Talk is so inspirational! I was in tears…like a lot of tears! Because I could feel the pain. I could feel the dreams come crashing down. Amy Purdy also decided to OVERCOME. Grab some kleenex and watch this amazing girl share her story of finding purpose after the pain.

If you’re not in tears after watching…ask yourself if you’re a robot. Just kidding…I know not everyone cries for everything like me. But seriously, you’ll feel it.

If you ever feel like you can’t do something, you can’t go after your dreams, you can’t live life the way you want, remember Amy Purdy. Remember that we all have a choice to overcome and thrive at life!

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