Finding the time

Finding the time to anything is usually hard…finding the time to do things for ourselves is usually impossible. But why? Why do we always put ourselves last?


You always say YES to the new project at work. You always say YES to cleaning, cooking, caring for your home and family. You always say YES to the social events. However, you probably say NO to getting that massage for you want after a difficult week.

The reason we don’t make ourselves a priority is because we feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. We think our husband or kids need something now and our needs and wants should wait. Another reason for our lack of self care is we don’t have anyone holding us accountable except ourselves, so it’s easy to keep pushing things we want to the back of the list.

This is such an unhealthy way of being. I was like this for a very long time. I wouldn’t give myself the breaks I needed. Even when I could hardly walk, I pushed myself to do everything for everyone else. Learning how to say no to others and yes to myself was one of the greatest things I’ve ever learned! And now, I love working with women and helping them reach their yes!

Taking care of ourselves should be a top priority! You are not selfish when you put yourself first, you are filling your tank so you can continue to serve. When you take the time to rest, eat healthy, exercise, spend time with friends, do things you enjoy…you are creating happiness and power in your life. When you are at the top of your game, you are able to do more for those you love. So get that massage! Take a nap, read a book, go for hike…take time everyday to do something for YOU! You totally deserve it!

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