Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!

Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you. 

~John De Paola

What  a concept, huh? Slowing down can actually help you succeed!

Are you constantly on the go? Are you afraid to stop because things won’t get done? Do you stay up late at night to catch up on projects? Why? Honestly, I want to know why you feel you have to live this way. I want to know what you think will happen if you slow down.

As moms, we often feel guilty when we are not doing something. We feel like we forgot to do something or like everyone else is a better mom because they are staying busy with something – cleaning, errands, projects…whatever!

This is opposite of truth! Our schedules become so filled with stuff to do and it literally takes over our life!! If there’s a blank space on the calendar, we think we have to fill it with an activity.


Don’t do this to your family! It’s OK to have nothing to do. In fact, it’s great!!

I could go really deep into why having a super busy schedule is creating chaos in your life…and I will in other posts! But for now, I want to share how you can easily start changing some “busy” habits today!

When we take the time to prioritize our day and be more productive (rather than busy) we accomplish more! We are hurting our business, our lifestyle, and our health when we don’t take breaks, spend time with our loved ones, and get rest. Taking care of our own self is super important.

Here are some action steps for you to start making these changes immediately.

1. Set your morning alarm once – no snoozing! Take a few minutes to open your eyes, stretch your body and then get out of bed!

2. Open the blinds! Letting some natural light in early helps our bodies and minds wake up.

3. Create a morning routine that works for YOU! Some people journal, read, exercise…whatever will work for you start doing first thing each morning.

4. Drink water and eat a healthy breakfast! Self explanatory! If making breakfast every morning is too much, you can pre-prep for the week or throw some smoothie bags in the freezer. No excuses – fuel your body!

5. Look at your schedule and write down 5 realistic things that need to get done today. A secret to making this happen is to make them simple and doable steps, not the whole project.

Start with these 5 simple steps to get yourself on a better and more productive schedule. Get plenty of rest at night, take breaks throughout your day, and set specific hours for when your work gets done. Stay true to your schedule so you can support all the projects and people around you!

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