GUEST POST: 6 Hidden Perks of Being a Young Mum

They say that motherhood is an experience that changes a woman’s life forever. Though some ladies prefer to spend their twenties as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed party gals, no strings (or umbilical cords) attached, those that dare to take the motherhood plunge early on can hope to scoop up some cool boons in the long haul. Being a young mum comes with a complete set of hidden perks ranging from speedier baby weight loss to more Me time later on in life. If you’re in two minds as to whether you should have your baby now or when you’re a bit older, here are a few kicks you’ll be in as a 20-something mom to help you dive into motherhood sooner rather than later.

being a young mum

1. You’ll get to learn Vital Life Lessons Early On

As a gal-gone-mum of two boys at 25, I’ve realized that motherhood can help a woman grow on the personal (and professional) level like no other experience out there. On top of bucketfuls of unconditional love and happiness, your skill set as a grown-up will also get a precious boost in terms of a responsibility dialup and better time management, plus you’ll also learn how to truly relax and enjoy life fully in times of low stress.


2. You’ll be Able to Burn off Baby Weight Faster

Baby weight can be a real bugger, but young mums have it easier than their older counterparts. As your body ages, losing weight (baby fat included) gets a hundred times tougher and can often require a lot more active effort, sweat, and time compared to youth years when your metabolic rate is at its peak. Bonus point -working out back into your sexy shape will be much easier when your energy and physical health are at their prime.


3. Transition into Motherhood Will Go Down Easier

Becoming a mum is a unique transition, and as such calls for extensive lifestyle adjustments. For this reason, young mums are in for a less hassle-free ride than older women as they’re less set in their ways and can adapt faster, more efficiently, and with less stress attached to all the changes the stork’s arrival inevitably brings along than ladies who’ve already settled into a fixed everyday routine.

being a young mum

4. You’ll have Active Grandparents to look After the Kids

As a working gal and a busy mum, you won’t be able to watch your little munchkin 24/7. That’s what grandparents are for, after all. Still, keeping an eye out on little kids will be easier for active grandmas and grandpas, and they’ll be able to take better care of the little ones when they’re still mobile and armed with quick reflexes.


5. You’ll get a Drive Boost and Unique Sense of Purpose

A child isn’t just a bundle of joy: it’s also a powerful incentive for growth and achievement. As a young mum, you’ll get a special sense of purpose in life and the biggest reason not to throw in the towel when things get too tough to bear. Life will keep throwing curve balls your way with or without a kid on board. But as a mother, Whys and Wherefores will be far fewer and your drive, determination, and perseverance will be nothing short of superhuman.

being a young mum

6. You’ll be in for A Few Years More of Bonding and Care

On top of all the perks above, young mothers will have a decade or longer to enjoy the company of their children and share the good times (and the not-so-good-ones, too) with them. Bonding will also be easier with a tighter age gap in the mix. Daughters look up to their mothers, and they’ll sooner share their romantic secrets and fears with a young woman than a lady 30+ years their senior. For a sweet bonus, a teenage girl will also have greater trust in her youthful mother’s counsel in all aspects of life, ranging from expert makeup tips to relationship advice and will hesitate less to approach their female parent when in need of an unbiased opinion.


Life of a young mum isn’t all about baby food prep, comforting, and lullabies. It also comes with a lengthy list of gains attached. If you’re unsure when it would be the best time to give birth, the answer is simple: sooner beats later by a long – and pretty cool – shot. Kudos to all young mums out there. You’re doing a splendid job of motherhood already, keep up the good work!



Connect with Emma:

Emma Lawson is a busy mom to two wonderful boys. She is passionate about writing and her boys are her inspiration. Emma loves to explore, learn and share about parenting techniques. Also, she is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on her Twitter account @EmmahLawson



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