GUEST POST: Mom Summer Survival Tips!

The final school bell has rung and your kids are excitedly running home towards fun, freedom and YOU. As the kids and teachers rejoice, don’t freak out. Here are some simple tips that will help you and your kids survive the summer without driving one another crazy.

  • Keep Some Bit Of A Routine: It’s been proven that kids often do better when they have a routine in life. So just because school is out don’t let them just decide their daily schedule, especial the daily wake up schedule for older kids. Consider still having a wake up time and then planning certain activities throughout the day.
  • Don’t Over Plan The Days: Don’t try to jam so many things into your day that both you and the kids feel rushed jumping from activity to activity. Spread things out. If you are planning the days, then maybe schedule one activity per day if it’s outside of the house. If you’re staying home, split the day up and plan one activity for the morning, such as art projects, and then something less intensive (messy) and more active for the afternoon like water play.
  • Help A Parent Out – As parents, we all need breaks. Help each other out by babysitting for an afternoon. Trade off from week to week so one week you watch all the kids and the next week the other parent watches the kids. Playing with friends will help keep your kids occupied and give you a break from entertaining them. On your off week, you will get some much needed self-time!
  • Plan Out Snacks & Meals: You will have to feed your children more now. Planning out snacks will keep their diets balanced throughout the summer. You can make sure they aren’t only eating junk and plan out different lunches so you don’t fall into a food rut. Let the kids help in the preparation so they feel involved and know what goes into making a meal.
  • Find Activities You Can All Do: Check out this list of 21 free summer activities to get you started. Then add your own as summer progresses.
  • Enjoy Being Lazy Some Days: Leave some time to just lay around the house one morning. After all, it is summer. You and the kids will enjoy a little R&R every now and then. Cuddle on the couch with a cup of coffee and one arm around a kid. Let them play a game on their tablet so you can read a book or just veg out and watch a family friendly movie together. Memories don’t have to be big moments. Some of the best can be the simple times that we miss when we are running off to school and work each morning.
  • Drink: When all else fails, pour yourself a glass of wine or mix up a fruity drink and watch the madness ensue around you. They’ll go to sleep eventually, right? Maybe?

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Rachel is a just trying to make it through The Everyday Mom Life while hoping her family has some fun experiences along the way. She has one son in heaven and two children with her today in addition to a sweet furbaby who loves to give kisses on the mouth and a grumpy, computer-nerd husband. See her Facebook page at The Everyday Mom Life, visit her Twitter account @EverydayMomRach and check out her real mom life Instagram @theeverydaymomlife.

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