How Mompreneurs Should Choose Daily Priorities

Do you sit down each morning and set your priorities? Or do you jump into your day and just “figure it out”?

Taking the time to set your priorities each morning (or the night before) will change your life and business! Having a plan in place before you do anything will help you stay focused and be productive rather than busy.

I used to choose my top 3 priorities for business, top 3 for family/life, and top 3 for myself. That’s 9 priorities a day! As a mom, that’s too much and super overwhelming. And needless to say I wasn’t accomplishing much! That made me feel more stressed and busy.

My new strategy helps me stay focused on action steps that help me reach my goals everyday! Instead of 3 things in each category I choose 1 thing in each area making those my top 3 for the day!! So much better!!

I have a pretty worksheet in the free Time Evaluation you can download too!

Putting too much pressure on yourself does not get you any further. It burns you out and often makes you quit. When you take small action steps and really focus on getting them done, everything else you do that day is a bonus! And that will leave you feeling accomplished and successful!

How do you prioritize your day? If you would like to have a free call with me to help strategize some ideas, you can sign up for a 20 minute chat with me at

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