How to be the perfect mom

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Can I get an amen!! Society puts way to much pressure on moms. Shake it off and delete the thoughts you have around perfection from your mind.

I have the real secrets to being the perfect mom. Here are 5 things you can do today!

1. Allow yourself to be imperfect and make mistakes. Super important! Being the perfect mom is actually being imperfect. Don’t try to be like other moms and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Love your kids and do your best. When you are happy and enjoying life for what it is, you are teaching your kids to do the same. Perfection is not real – the grass is never greener – We all have “those” moments!

2. Allow your kids to be imperfect and make mistakes. Also super important! Don’t cry over spilled milk – seriously! Things are going to spill, messes will be made, and things will be forgotten. Teach your kids to be ok with their imperfections. Teach them it’s ok to make mistakes and more importantly, teach them how to learn from them! Don’t teach them to be sorry for everything. Teach them to experience all their feelings – happy, sad, mad, silly, grouchy. They are humans too and they should be allowed to feel what they feel.

3. Say YES more often. Yes to eating dessert before dinner, playing in the mud, and wearing crazy clothes. It’s really ok! Of course in moderation. Happiness is so much more important than doing what you think moms should be doing. Yes, kids need nutrients and good hygiene. Please feed them veggies and give them baths. Just know it’s ok when you have had a crazy day and it’s cereal for dinner! When kids want to dress themselves, let them! They will learn their own style, not yours! Say YES!

4. Empower your kids to be who they are! Let them choose their own path and you be their #1 fan! Kids have amazing brains. They come into the world pure and innocent. Babies wake up with huge smiles and love to laugh. It’s true happiness and freedom from the world as we know it. Help them keep their own happiness and freedom. Let them dream big and don’t step on their dreams. It’s ok if they choose not to be in the family business or be the doctor you want them to be. Wish for them to be happy and confident!

5. When you have a messy house, piles of laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes – go play with your kids. You will have time to clean later! Don’t miss out on a game of kickball, or tag, or a simple board game because you think the house is a disaster. The real disaster is letting our kids grow up without being a part of their childhood. And I mean being a kid with them! Remember how simple life was…find your inner child and play with your kids. They will remember how much fun you had, not how dirty the house was!


There are many things I work with my clients and small groups on that cover ways to let go of being the perfect mom! My dream is for every mom to feel confident in being themselves, so they can raise kids who are confident too! The obvious truth is that there is no perfect mom, there’s just you. And you are perfect for your kids!

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