HOW TO: Create Your Happiness

Have you heard someone say “Create Your Happiness” and think they’re crazy??

Creating your happiness is a real thing!! I promise! It’s not about lying to yourself and faking a smile. It doesn’t mean you hide the things that make you sad or mad or hurt.

Sometimes life sucks! I get that. And I’ve had my fair share of bad days. Getting bad news can break your heart and make you go MIA!

Creating your happiness means you know that there’s a whole lot of good even when things are bad. Does that make sense?

I use myself as an example a lot…

I was a super active mama until about 4 years ago when rheumatoid arthritis came into my life. I couldn’t do things that were once so easy…wash my face, open a jar of spaghetti sauce, or get dressed!!! Life started to suck!

Here are 3 ways I have used a “negative” to create my happiness!!

  1. I looked at all the things that were still good in my life. My kids, my family and friends, coffee…I decided RA was not going to take over my life. Being grateful is a HUGE part of success!
  2. I made a choice to make some powerful changes in my life so that I could still enjoy what was important to me. Slowing down actually helped me live more! I started to see the benefits of a simple life that focused on the important things and the good things.
  3. I started to help other moms refocus their energy and time toward things that mattered. This started my business!! Helping moms change their mindset, implement boundaries, and create happiness is so powerful…in the home, in business, in the workplace, in life!!

Learning how to create your happiness is a fun journey and a daily practice!! 

Ready to create your happiness? Schedule a free call with me and find out how I work with clients to make some changes and find happiness, balance, and freedom to really enjoy all areas of your life!

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