Life is what you make it!


Life is fast. Life is crazy. Life is beautiful.

I could go on and on about what LIFE IS. I believe with all my heart that life is what you make it.

Some days are fun. Some days are lazy. Some days are tough. But all days are a blessing!

We all go through our own struggles. But how we choose to handle them is what can make us or break us. When I got rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago my life changed a lot. I couldn’t do normal everyday things. Washing my face, getting dressed, and even walking became painful and hard. I was constantly hurting and constantly exhausted. Pain is exhausting!

I can see how easy it is to fall into depression when an illness, disease, or major injury completely detours your life. Everything you do, know, and want changes.

I decided that RA was NOT going to write my life story!

Life is what you make it. I chose to make my life beautiful! I had 2 young daughters when RA came along and my family means the world to me! Changing the way I lived was hard in the beginning, but as long as I stayed focused on what really mattered to me, I was [and still am] able to live a life I absolutely love!

There are things I miss like running, dancing, and wearing cute shoes!! But life is more than that! It’s about experience and love. And everyday we get to choose what we will experience and how we will love!

So RA started me on an amazing journey! It has led to me loving myself in a beautiful way, being present and intentional with my family, and starting my business coaching moms to create their own happiness by living on purpose! Life is beautiful!

Supporting and inspiring others is such a huge passion of mine. Cents of Style is an incredible company full of love and the desire to empower women. Their new Life Is series is quite amazing!!


My Life Is Beautiful tee reminds me to make my life beautiful and help make the world beautiful!

You get to write your own story. You get to decide what your life is like. You get to choose how to leave your legacy. I encourage my clients to discover their true values and focus on what’s really important to them. That’s where the beauty lies…in YOU! Live on purpose and create your happiness!

This weekend you can get your Life Is tee at a great price and free shipping using coupon code LIFEIS1!!


Which one will you choose? Let me know in the comments and tell me why! xoxo

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