My New Rule

Think about the last time you were asked “How are you?” or “How have you been?” or “How’s work going?”

What was your response? Most of us answer with the word “busy”.

Take it out of your vocabulary!! I had a mentor who taught me that being busy isn’t a good thing – it isn’t beneficial. So I have made it my goal, my new rule, to not tell people “I’ve been busy” any more. We shouldn’t be busy people. That leads to stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. And those are the exact things I am trying to eliminate from my life. So now when people ask  me how things are going, I hold my head up high and respond with something like “I’ve been great! I’m productive at work and have been enjoying my family!” Saying this feels good. When I say I’m busy, I automatically feel drained and kind of sad. But when I take a breath, smile, and reply with a positive and uplifting answer, I feel excited, happy and relaxed.

Do you understand the power of your thoughts and words? They lead to action and results. And, t’s not too late to add a resolution to your list…STAY POSITIVE!

Here are a few affirmations for your week. Keep them where you will see them daily – your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, computer.

– I am healthy and strong.

– I can conquer this day and be productive.

– Today, I am overflowing with joy and energy.

– My gifts are a blessing to the world.

– I am courageous and believe in myself.

And the next time you are asked “How have you been?” – how will you respond? Leave your answer in the comments and say it with a smile!

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