Purpose of Life – New Year, New Mom

purpose of life

Purpose of Life – Happy 2017!

Discovering the purpose of life is a big question we ask ourselves this time of year. We all celebrate as well as contemplate on goals for the new year. As moms, we reflect on how the past year flew by and how our beautiful children are growing up way too fast!

We ask questions about ourselves and our life choices. Resolutions are made to help us feel motivated for the new year…and sometimes we keep them.

Many of us use this time of the year to look at our whole life and decide if we’re truly happy. The past year may have been full of success or it may have been a rough year and you’re glad it’s over!

However you use this time of the year, I’m pretty sure you ask yourself something like this: Am I living a life of purpose?

What is the Purpose of life?

Before we can decide if we are living a life of purpose, we must take time to understand what purpose really means. Purpose is the reason something exists. It’s the super special gift you have to share with the world. Motherhood is a part of our purpose, but there’s also something more. You were created to be an amazing, beautiful, purposeful being.

The purpose of life is to be your truest self.


purpose of life

In order for you to live on purpose, you must go inside your soul and discover who you truly are. Too often I see mothers look outside of themselves for answers on how to be a better mom and wife, how to make the right decisions, and how to live life to the fullest.

The problem with this kind of searching is that you’re looking outside of yourself. And the answer you are looking for is inside of YOU!

YOU are your purpose. Discovering who you truly are and living your authentic life is your purpose. I encourage you to remember this as you are finding your purpose of life.

How to have a purposeful 2017

Are you ready for an awesome year? I sure am! Let me be really honest here and share with you that 2016 was a tough year. Nothing bad happened, it was just tough. So I’m especially ready for a fresh start and I intend to make this year wonderful!

There are five steps I work with my clients on so that they can find their purpose of life. I love this process because when you discover who you truly are, a new sense of happiness overcomes you! It’s so amazing!

The five steps are:

1. Soul purpose
2. Life Vision
3. Focus
4. Clear Plan
5. Commit


This is the start of how we work together to set realistic and meaningful goals. Creating goals that actually align with your purpose of life is the key to helping you reach those goals, resolutions, and intentions. You have to start with YOU. And then plan where you want to go.

purpose of life

Who benefits from your purpose?

When you decide to live on purpose, everyone benefits! We are all created to unify and make this world a better place! So when we individually step into the best version of our self, the world is a better place.

It’s time for you to take this step too! When you start living a life of purpose, YOU will be the first to benefit. Your life will have more meaning, happiness, and love. These three things will allow you to be your best self which means those you love also get the best YOU.

Your family and children will greatly benefit. You are already a great mom…you put your family first, you love them hard, and you make sure they are happy and safe. When you are in tune with who you are, these traits you already have magnify! Trust me when I say you will be able to give your family so much more when you discover your purpose.

The people that are waiting for you to completely live on purpose will be blessed when they hear your story, your message, and your passion. They are ready for something you have to offer. Sometimes our purpose may seem small, but the ripple effect is incredible. We just all have to do our part.

I’m going to be thrilled when you start living on purpose because that’s my purpose! My whole mission in my life and my business is to empower amazing moms like you to be your best and truest self! I want you discover your purpose and live it everyday. I believe as moms we can change the world!

Are you ready to live on purpose?

Face it mama, you are amazing! I believe in you and the beautiful gift you have to share with the world! I hope 2017 is ready for you because it’s time to step into this powerful place, own it, and live on purpose.

I would LOVE (like seriously jump up and down love) to stand by your side as you embark on this journey. Working with my moms is my passion and helping you get started on your purposeful life would fill my heart with joy!

Let’s chat! Schedule a free call with me and let’s talk about the possibilities of working together and creating your life vision so you can live on purpose!





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