GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Why Self~Love is a Must for Busy Moms


Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mama! You deserve some Love today. Give yourself some time to celebrate YOU.

Do you know how to celebrate you?

What are you already doing to love yourself?

If you’re not already loving yourself, today will be a great motivator for you. <3

If you’re already loving you, Congrats, Mama and either way, I’m sending lots of love vibes!


What is Self~Love?

A Mama taking time for herself. Loving yourself. Self~Love can look very different from mom to mom.

You think taking time for you is too challenging?! I know… I thought the same only 5 years back.

Life is only as challenging as you make it! Only you know how to love yourself best!

Loving yourself can be one or many things: the food you eat, journaling, meditation, reading, moving your body… slowing down.

Self~Love for me only took me to have two children. I was under the impression, I was “the mom” And every family household related “to do” was for me.

My love tank was on E, like the kind running on fumes! I was exhausted.  I was short tempered and ready to run for the hills.

The day came when Husband suggested we join the local rec center. My life was changed. I could put my children in the child watch AND go workout in the gym or to a class. I was doing something daily for myself.  It worked for our family.

I was a whole new mom ~ I even liked myself a little more. I began to realize… I was not able to do “everything” and that’s okay.

I accepted my life as a mama who was energetic.


5 Reasons Self-Love is a Must for Moms

Need more of a reason to love yourself, Mama?!  Here are five reasons:

  1. Self~Love fills your heart.

Your emotional bank account, bucket, or gas tank, only so much can be given before you have nothing left to give! Add a little love each day to your routine to keep the daily emptiness and frustration away.

You make time for what’s important to you. You are important. Make time for you. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up to an hour or more. Baby steps build a solid foundation.

  1. Self~Love calms your inner-voices.

Name that girl chatting to you in your head… Samantha, Debbie, Lori…

Tell Samantha, “I’m not listening!”  Plug your ears and talk to her in a firm voice, like you’re talking to a bully. Those voices are trying to bully you.

When you love yourself, you have enough to let go of the “you’re not enough.” Mama, you are doing the best you can. You are beautiful inside and out and more enough. Say Bye-bye voices!

  1. Self~Love releases stress.

Stress releasing feels so amazing. When you do something for yourself, you’re filling your heart!

You have added a few notches in patience tank. There’s less anxiety allow for you to be easy going to the craziness of motherhood.

  1. Self~Love allows for more confidence to follow your intuition.

You have cleared your mind of thoughts and voices, now follow your intuition.  Your body knows the answers or the direction you need to go.

Listen to your vibes.

Practice with small decisions and build up to bigger life decisions.

  1. Self~Love allows you to slow down.

Mama, give yourself permission to enjoy this energetic time. Take a deep breath. As you Release, allow the busyness to flow out.  ~Slow down~

It’s okay to leave dishes in the sink or laundry in the dryer.  We weren’t meant to do everything.

After all… who made up all of these crazy rules Mom’s had to do!?

Mama, set those rules aside and Go love yourself!

Hey there, Mama! Jessica began her wellness journey around 2012. She started with a great interest in nutrition and quickly realized the body is connected to mind, body, and spirituality ~ then came Self~Love.

A wife and mommy to 4 children, Jessica, has led her family on a journey to eat whole foods. Learning to be proactive and incorporate alternative health is a passion for Jessica.

You can find Jessica putting herself first by meditating or reading nonfiction in the gorgeous Arizona desert.

Join Jessica in Facebook group, Mompreneurs Journey, to share life’s journey with tips, recipes, and connect within and create your dream life through self-love!

Like Jessica on Facebook at SelfLoveMama

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