Stressed Moms Are Missing Out!

stressed moms

Are you a stressed mom? Probably…moms and stress go hand in hand, right? We’re always busy and out of time. We stress about our kids in MANY ways, finances, having no time, being organized, all the things we have to do, our marriage…

Do you remember a time when you didn’t feel stressed? A time when you could take a deep breath and just feel the air coming in and the relief you feel as you exhale?

Sometimes as moms, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do it all. We think were supposed to be busy and handle every project that comes our way. And then we pride ourselves on being Supermom. We justify our lack of sleep and energy by saying we can handle it…because that’s what moms do.

Well who said that’s what moms do?

Putting stress on ourselves is not a good thing!

I used to live this way too. Until I was forced to make changes because I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. You can’t be Supermom and do it all when your body hurts, you can hardly move, and your energy is drained as soon as you wake up. Pain is exhausting!

There’s a reason I’m so passionate about moms taking time to discover what’s truly important to them! I don’t want you to wait until you are forced to make changes in your life. As moms, I believe we set the tone for our family. How do you set the tone? Are you mostly happy and confident? Or do you feel a lot of stress and busyness?

When you have children, life changes. It’s not all about you anymore. I think we take this idea to the extreme by making it ALL ABOUT THE KIDS. Just because your family grows, it doesn’t mean life has to be so overwhelming. You get to choose your boundaries…or not.  

I hear moms talking about all the things they volunteer for, sign up for, take their kids to, get involved in…and then complain they are stressed, tired, and never have time.

You have the choice to say yes or no to everything you do!!!

If you have a clear life vision and know what’s really important to you, you will have more confidence to SAY YES TO THE BEST THINGS and be comfortable saying no to other things.

Stress still happens. Not just for moms either. I know quite a few women who are not moms yet and still feel pressure and overwhelm because they live a busy life. This busyness takes a lot out of us. It keeps us from living life to the fullest because we don’t have energy to do things that make us feel fulfilled!!

stressed moms

Life is a blur when you rush through it. If you don’t take the time to stand back and get some focus, it will pass you by. Time flies, kids grow, and an opportunities are missed!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Decide right now that you want to live a fulfilled and stress-free life!

If you know deep inside you are not living a life you love and want to discover your life vision, get organized and live more stress free…then I invite you to check out my online course – The Stress-Free Mama!

The best time to make changes and set new goals is NOW! Don’t let another week, month, or year go by stuck in the same routine! You can do this mama!!!

stressed moms




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