That awkward moment when…

punish kid for acting like you

Have you ever done this?

It’s ok, you don’t have to raise your hand because I know you have. We all have!

I want to get a little vulnerable and share with you some of the things I get upset/frustrated/not so happy with my girls about…

  1. Waiting until the last minute to do everything! I’m such a procrastinator and always have been. I try to get things ready, plan ahead, and be prepared – I really do! But the truth is I usually don’t. I hit snooze on my alarm, rush to get clothes for the day and pack lunches, and I’m panicking because I think I’m going to forget something. Then I tell my kids, “You should have had this ready!”, “Why didn’t you get this out last night?”, and “Next time prepare yourself better!”. Oops!! Who am I to scold them when they are doing exactly what I do?
  2. Eating too much junk food! My girls will often ask for a snack late in the afternoon and I say no because they haven’t had dinner. But then I will grab a cookie or something while I’m cooking. How is this fair? What logic do I have? Now, I do want my kids to be healthy, but a sweet treat once in a while won’t hurt my kids! Even if they haven’t eaten yet. They eat pretty well and a small snack every now and then won’t stop them from eating dinner. So why do I say no?
  3. How about eating on the couch?  I was eating breakfast the other day and sharing with the baby, so I sat on the couch with her. Then my daughter came to join me and I was like “You need to eat at the table.” And she said “But you’re eating here.” And I replied, “I know. But I don’t make a mess like you.” Then I dropped food. Need I say more? Sheesh…I feel like I can’t get this parenting thing down!!! Sorry, daughter…mommy makes messes too!
  4. I always time my girls when they play on the computer or tablet. I don’t want their little brains getting too stimulated. So I time them and make them take breaks. It’s hard because a lot of their homework is now done on the computer. So it’s homework time then they want to play. They understand why I ask them to take breaks and don’t usually argue – so that’s good! But, I laugh at myself because I work on my computer all day!! Then when I take a “break” I’m on my phone. Reality check to self!! Now I try to unplug more – no computer, phone, TV…It’s very refreshing!
  5. And all those little bad habits that I nag them about…don’t bite your nails, don’t crack your neck, stop slouching. Yeah, I could probably say this in the mirror a few times a day. It’s hard to break habits. So instead of getting upset with my kids, I know that I need to help them break the habits. Encourage them to make positive changes. And the best way to show them how, is to let them see me doing the same!

So these are only 5 examples of parenting flaws. I have many, many, MANY more!! And that’s ok 🙂 I love my girls and even though I make mistakes, I ALWAYS make sure they know how much I love them.

Are you brave enough to share some of your awkward moments with me? Write them in the comments!

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