The MomLife Struggle is Real

mom life struggles

Have you ever just sat and thought about what life was like before kids?

Depending on how long you’ve been a mom, this could be either pretty easy or pretty hard. However long you’ve been a mom, I’m positive you experience some mom life struggles. I’ve been a mom for ten years! I can’t even believe my oldest baby girl turned 10 this summer. It’s crazy to think about it. I feel so young still – well, I am still young 😉

I became a mom at the age of 20, three weeks before my 21st birthday to be exact. Since I was a pretty young mom, I didn’t have much of an adult life after high school. Before I knew it, I was breastfeeding and buying diapers. And if anything teaches you about the real world, it’s buying diapers!! Talk about goodbye paycheck!

Right out of high school I started working as an event planner. I loved learning how to manage clients, plan all the details, and create this amazing event. It was so rewarding. Sometimes I made a mistake, sometimes things didn’t go as planned, and sometimes it was plain hard. I felt so guilty for messing up, not doing it the way my boss would, or missing an important piece of the planning.

But I always got over it. Things always worked out. And it always turned out just fine!

It’s kind of like my momlife! Only now my worries became about parenting. Did I feed my daughter the right food, is she going to be okay at this school, should I have grounded her for doing that thing…There are so many different mom life struggles we face.

I often second guess myself and the choices I’m making as a mom.

Sometimes I feel so guilty about wanting to hang out with my friends, having some alone time, or even getting  haircut! When I want to do something because it will make ME happy, I start to think maybe I should wait, maybe I should go another day, or maybe I shouldn’t do anything with my friends…ever!

A few years ago, I hardly ever did anything for myself. Even date nights were rare. When I started getting rheumatoid arthritis, I had to learn how to take care of myself first, let my needs be a priority, and say no to people and things…yeah, even my kids! Mom life struggles definitely grew.

Enter major mom guilt!!!

Creating My New Normal

But as I practiced this new normal lifestyle of taking care of myself physically, I experienced the awesome feeling that came with it. I realized the importance of taking care of myself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally too! If taking vitamins and eating right was helping me physically get stronger, what could I change in my life that would make me stronger in other areas?

Boom…this new way of living was amazing! When I started filling my life with things that made me happy and letting go of feeling guilty about it, I saw how much happier I was – and I was always a happy person anyway! And by me being a happier mom, I saw happier kids that understood compassion, love, and relaxation. My husband loves to go go go, and even he has seen the benefits of just being present and really enjoying the moment.

Feeling guilty, momlife struggles, and tough days will always happen. It’s how you choose to handle them that will make you or break you!

You can download my new free course and learn how to manage your mom guilt so you can start being a happier YOU! With the strategies I teach in the audio course, you will learn how to not have so many mom life struggles. I promise that life is pretty amazing when you learn to slow down and focus on what really matters!

mom life struggles


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