The Real Way to Define Your Success

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The word success is thrown around a lot!

Success is thought of as being rich, having all the newest and coolest gadgets, buying expensive cars, having a gigantic house, fame…When we see people on TV, we automatically think they must be successful.

I don’t agree with those ideas! I think success comes when you find true happiness! And that’s different for everyone!

I really want to know what it means to YOU! Sometimes we look at other people and think “Wow, they are so successful. I should do what they do!” And we go about your life trying follow someone else’s footsteps.  Or we think, “My life will be better if I could just have…or get…” We start looking around for the answers and solutions. We spend our time, money, and energy trying to get to a place in our life that we think will make us feel fulfilled.

The problem with this mindset is that your idea of success might be different from theirs! [GASP!] And real success starts inside of YOU!

In order for you to be successful in any area of your life (business, motherhood, health, finances…) you have to know what success would actually look like for you. Not for your friend, neighbor, schoolmate, colleague, business coach, or movie star!

Many people think if they had a million bucks they could buy a huge house, have 5 cars, and buy a huge wardrobe with a new outfit for everyday! There’s nothing wrong with wanting this, but is it what you REALLY want?

Here are some of my thoughts. Feel free to write these questions down and actually answer them to get a sense of how you might be defining your success.

We only have one life, right? So how are you living everyday? What kind of choices are you making everyday? Who are you spending time with everyday? What are you spending money on? What kind of work are you doing? Do you like it? Are you happy there? Do you like your friends? Do you go to sleep with anxiety and overwhelm or peace and fulfillment? Do you have major regrets from the last year? Five year? 10 years?

I could ask so many more questions to help you see if you are living a successful life.  But this is a great start! And I bet if you answer honestly, a few things are coming up for you around how you define success. I encourage you to write those thoughts and feelings down. Sit with them and think about how they are affecting your life. Your kids’ lives. Your future. Your legacy.

Success is happiness. Happiness is living your life on purpose.

You have the power to make some changes starting today. You can create your new normal. You can start to live a successful and fulfilling life starting now!

Are you ready?? Schedule a free call with me to explore the possibilities! I love helping moms discover the amazing life they can have. But I don’t stop there! My clients have my support to actually learn strategies to implement and really LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE!

The first step is becoming aware that you want more for your life.

The second step is scheduling a call with me to discover the possibilities and find out what coaching with me is like.

The third step is to decide how committed you are to achieving your success. YOU are the only one who can do this.

I believe there can be so much more good in the world if we all look inside and discover our own gifts. Go ahead and schedule a free call with me or enter your name and email below to get in touch with me.


I believe in YOU and YOUR success!!!

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