Toddler Fun with I SEE ME!

School is out and my kids are ready to have some fun!

We make a Summer Bucket List every year. It helps me have an idea of how to keep them entertained. As a business owner, I still have work to do through the summer so I love knowing what they want to do so I can be prepared and schedule it. I’m so grateful I get to have the flexibility to also hang out with my babies!

My toddler is the one who is harder to entertain. She likes someone to play with her. It’s helpful having big sisters home during summer, but I also don’t make them my babysitters because I want them to enjoy their time off.

I recently received some super fun activity books from I SEE ME! for my 2 year old and I am so happy with them! And so is my little one! WIN!!!


My favorite part of the activity books is that it’s personalized with her name and has a story to go along with it. So I get to read to her too.


And when I need some quiet time, I can set her up with crayons and she has a blast coloring! We love working together on the patio 🙂


I SEE ME! also has other books and products that all get personalized!! I especially love this since we spell our girls’ names different than the “normal” way…it’s awesome to be able to order fun things with their names. Another great product they have that I plan to order for my girls – and maybe myself!! – is the lunchbox!! Check out how adorable these are!!

Super cute right?!?! Go check out I SEE ME! and get some fun summer items for your kiddos!